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SOUTH BEND On Thursday, the South Bend Civic Theatre won the prestigious Leighton Award for Nonprofit Excellence, marking it the county’s best run charity. It’s one of many story lines for the theater that are converging near a climax. South Bend Civic is on the final stretch of a $4 million capital project $350,000 left to go to turn the old Scottish Rite Building in downtown into its new theatrical home.

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cheap canada goose outlet UConn and Ohio State will headline the first women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Challenge in Springfield during the 2013 14 season. The Huskies and Buckeyes will play as part of a quadruple header on Dec. 1, 2013. At the end of day one were treated to a public lecture by Michael Berry from the University of Bristol (it’s a small world). After this, some people went out for a drink (in the fabulously named Dinkytown area of Minneapolis) but I made my slightly jet lagged way back to the hotel. Why? Because I was talking the next day!. cheap canada goose outlet

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